Tig Welder/fabricator Vacancy In Enerstaff Llc

Hiring Organization / Company: Enerstaff Llc
Basic Salary: To Be Discussed
Employement Type: Full-Time

Job Details:

TIG Welder Duties and Responsibilities (IN SHOP)

TIG welders regularly perform a variety of tasks depending on their employer. We analyzed several online job postings to identify these core duties:

Read Blueprints

TIG welders start all projects by reading and interpreting blueprints, technique sheets, and other specifications, which they must follow accurately. Afterwards, they can plan the procedure, calculating dimensions and preparing the appropriate materials.

Perform Welding

It’s important for TIG welders to check the quality of all metal parts before assembling them for welding, cutting, or cleaning as necessary. Their welding technique relies on the use of a nonconsumable tungsten electrode, and they must maintain dimension, strength, and evenness of surface of the metal parts all throughout.

Observe Safety Procedures

TIG welders must observe safety procedures at all times, staying up to date with ISO and FDA regulations and reporting any potential issues to management right away. They’re also in charge of keeping their equipment in excellent working condition and following a clean-up routine at the start and end of each workday.

Inspect Products

For every product that TIG welders create, they conduct thorough inspections, visually examining it for obvious defects and subjecting it to radiographic and ultrasound testing, bubble testing, and other functionality tests. If the product fails any of these, welders document the error and withhold the product from release.

Fix Issues

TIG welders fix products that are defective, whether from production flaws or long-term use. This often means dismantling its parts, reshaping or replacing them, and then fusing them back together. For larger, recurring issues that involve the manufacturing process, they work with a troubleshooting team to determine the best solution.

TIG Welder Skills and Qualifications

TIG welders excel at working with their hands and drawing on their knowledge of metallurgy to create safe and high-quality products. Although they specialize in TIG welding, they are also proficient with other welding techniques, such as MIG and arc welding. In addition to certification, employers look for TIG welders with the following skills:


Evaluate all engineering drawings and ensure implementation according to welding specifications.

Perform all welding work with help of forming and cutting equipments.

Provide assistance to production process and mould various fixtures.

Design and produce new parts according to BUCYRUS specifications.

Perform efficient welding of various metal objects with help of gas torch and welder.

Perform repair to damage alloy articles and prepare new articles with help of welding machines.

Perform work with help of various hand and power tools.

Analyze diagrams and specifications and cut all metal accordingly with help of welding torch.

Assist to remove all soft metal for welding.

Evaluate finished products and perform quality checks on products.

Administer all welding activities such as riveting and welding small parts and finished products.

Assemble old units and perform modification and repair work if required.

Collaborate work with metal sheets and apply various insulation materials.


Job Location Information:
City: Dallas
State: Tx
Country: Us
Location: Dallas, Tx 75212

Date Posted: 2021-04-07
Job Listing No# : 175993

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Top 10 Tips When Finding a Job

If that you are not kidding about in search of Jobs, you will agree that it is among the hardest jobs this present day. Normally, you’re going to haven’t any clue where or what to search for in the job market. The great factor is that you are not by yourself. There are a couple of other people available in the market who are jobless such as you. Discovering a job even in a commercial center can be easy if the place to begin. Before you begin your job looking procedure, here are pointers to help you find your dream job.

1. Job Centers

Job corporations are an unbelievable and repeatedly overpassed hots pot for finding Jobs. Job firms frequently provide very important coaching, assets, and programs for task seekers. These companies can also be particularly helpful for young job seekers or the ones with little running enjoy. A simple Web test for job firms in your areashould discover where and the way to get to them.

2. Temporal companies

Many companies choose to have their positions dispatched by temporal companies. The top goal for that is to economize on representative advantages like healthcare. Temporally companies likewise provide companies the way of screening applicants. Employment services and products can regularly be a sooner and no more daunting job than discovering direct employment. An employment company might likewise transform into a long lasting process for the individuals who carry out neatly all over their working.

3. Free job look services and products

This is a waste of cash whilst cash is now tight in the first place. In fact, the money you pay for job finding websites is imposed deductible in case you are on a job. It’s smarter to use the money to pay for expenses.

4. Look at the nearby school

When finding a job, never forget your school. Some schools additionally have coordinate contract positions, so check with them can be useful in finding a new career. If you talk with your teachers, they will be on the lookout for positions that match your training and experience. Some schools may need you to go to their offices for an informal interview. Here you can step through an examination on their PC. You’ll talk with a recruiter to examine exactly what you want.

5. Newspapers

Newspapers are often an overlooked apparatus for finding Jobs. Smaller businesses still use newspapers as their method when looking for Job applicants. Most newspapers will have their job listings online too. Some may ask the companies to have the listings online. There could be listings in the paper that don’t appear online.

6. Foot hunts

If that you are tired by ineffective attempts at finding a job using one of the above methods, getting out and looking for employers will yield better results. Showing up in person often demonstrates determination and initiative that most employers will find alluring in a potential representative.

7. Online Forums

Joining online forums is another good way of finding your new job. Here you will get companies that are ready to hire you and work with you. Make sure that you join as many online job finding as possible. Ensure that you describe your profile well so that your employers can know who you are.

8. Look at corporate websites

Most corporate websites are good places that can give a job. Look for websites and companies which you would love work with. On the careers page find out if there an open vacancy which matches your expertise. You can also send an email to the HR and ask for consideration.

9. Ask friends

Friends are the best at finding jobs. Before you go out, call all your friends and ask if they have any job connections that match your skills. In most cases, the job search connection will be wide and at last, you will land on one vacancy.

10. Make application regularly

Never be tired of applying. Make sure that you keep on applying for the new jobs that are posted every day. Avoid mentioning that you have done ten applications so far.


When finding a Job, don’t waste time on applications that are complicated for a job you don’t know if you want. Don’t open positions that are not exactly what you want. Tap on them thinking that it may be an approach to get your foot in the entryway.